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Keep the Faith Cynthia Earley

Keep the Faith

Cynthia Earley

ISBN : 9781413758450
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 About the Book 

Tragedy, how it rips at our hearts and clings to our souls, yet somehow makes us feel real again. Keep the Faith deals with some of the most terrifying tragedies that can happen. Whats worse, they could happen to any one of us at any time. It is a story of a young couple just starting out on the ultimate adventure-the adventure of life. Things seem to be going well, but then tragedy after tragedy befalls them as they face their new life together, doing the best they can to survive. A mothers, wifes, fathers and husbands worst fears become a reality that they never wanted or expected. Please join me in experiencing this lifelong struggle we all go through, from the light-hearted, upbeat moments that have you laughing until you cry, to the darkest moments of reality that make you shudder. This is the struggle we all go through to keep the faith.