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La sindrome di Thanatos Walker Percy

La sindrome di Thanatos

Walker Percy

Published March 1988
ISBN : 9788807013560
376 pages
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 About the Book 

Not exactly what youd expect from Walker Percy, and the GoodReads write-up doesnt begin to give you a sense of what this book is about (for starters, its published in the 80s so someone should fix that blurb!), The Thanatos Syndrome sounds like a Ludlum novel from the get-go and reads a little like one, too, although a less-forumulaic Ludlum novel penned by a far more literary author.I read it in Nepal back in 1988, a brand-new paperback sent to me by Tom Yates that I sold off a few weeks later when I was done to a second-hand book seller in Thamel for a few rupees to buy apple pie and daal bhaat.Today, I remember little about the novel, other than the drinking water supply of a town in Louisiana being tainted with chemicals resulting in highly sexualized behavior by otherwise not-so sexual individuals.Pages were turned and details rapidly forgotten, and these three stars are really based on nothing more than a favorable impression that has lasted with me over the past three decades. So read it if you like. I dont care. Id actually say its better than The Moviegoer, but theres probably no one else in the world whod agree with me. I dont know what was wrong with me when I read The Moviegoer, but I just did not like that book at all...